Welcome to the tribute website for the 591st (Antrim) Parachute Squadron R.E.
Initially called the "Antrim Fortress Company, Royal Engineers", it was formed in 1937 keeping that name
till October 1940. It then became the "Antrim Field Company R.E." when it relocated from Belfast to Portaferry.
In  early 1941 it was assigned the prefix number '591' to become "591 Antrim Field Company RE", until conversion
to a Parachute Squadron began in May 1943.
The squadron then became known as the " 591 Antrim Parachute Squadron RE". It was disbanded in July 1946.

As there is no regimental museum, my aim is for this website to become an online archive for this particular squadron,
covering the years 1937 to 1946.
A tribute to the men of the squadron who gave their time, their health or their lives, for us.

If you, or your ancestor or relative or friend, served in the 591 Antrim Parachute Squadron or the predecessor units
of the 'Antrims', during these years and is not yet named on the roll of honour, please let me know.
If you have photos, biographies, service records, diaries, memoirs or any parafernalia that you would like to share,
or update the pages with additional information, please email
para-591 at hotmail.com

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